Gnosall Health Centre,
Brookhouse Road, Gnosall,
Stafford, ST20 0GP

Healthcare Team


Dr Bhupinder Cooner

Dr Mark Bermingham

Dr Ruth Heatherley

Dr John Le Brun
BSc(hons) MSc MBChB MRCGP (2023)

Training Practice

Gnosall Surgery is a training practice and as such it provides a variety of training to people in the medical profession including:

  • Vocational training for doctors who are seeking to become General Practitioners.
  • Primary care training / education for qualified doctors in their foundation years. These doctors may be placed with the practice for between 4 and 12 months.
  • Medical students from Keele University.

Dr Cooner, Dr Bermingham and Dr Heatherley provide training supervision.

Letter of thanks from the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) for teaching undergraduate medical students.

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Urgent Care Practitioners (UCP)

Josh Morris, Pamela Jennings and Harry Lewis

What does a Urgent Care Practitioner do?

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Nursing Team

  • Becky Loach Lead Practice Nurse
  • Stephanie Chambers Chronic Disease Lead
  • Janine Bye

Practice Nurses Services.

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Alec Jenks, Dilmon Jacob, Aaron Stubbs and Paul Hanson.

Physiotherapist Services.

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Health Care Assistant and Phlebotomy

Julie Doyle and Marie Downs

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Community Healthcare Team

Community Nurses

You can contact the District Nursing Team on 0300 124 0343

Health Visitors

Maxine Mills and Rebecca Rabone

You can contact the Health Visiting Team on 01785 828909


Liam Donovan, Sophie Maunders and Gemma Salmon

Social Prescriber

Rebecca Small


Parina Dattani and Bobby Standley

Pharmacy Support 

Lea Rae-Brown 

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Practice Manager

Lisa Smith

Lisa has responsibility for the day to day management of the Practice and will be happy to deal with any queries or comments you may have concerning the Practice.

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Patient Services Team

Ashleigh Davies Operations Manager

Nicola Honey, Ellena Pye, Tara Kent, Nicola Dagg, Abby Smith, Mikaela Swift and Tina Fleming

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Jemima Rossi, Helen Edge, Alistair Swift, Maddison Bates and Patrick Heatherley

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Medical Secretaries

Elaine Beardmore and Susan Winnington

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Elder Care Facilitator

Suzanne Gibbs

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Attached Staff

Les Hughes and Nick Smith Caretakers